Friday, March 30, 2007

An Overall of the TLP

At first what I thought about the TLP was that it was going to be pretty boring. When we started searching for information and doing all of those posts. I started hating it, and getting bored of doing the same thing over and over. I thought we will never finish, and that it would never get to the day when we had to start filming the documentary.

Another thing I really liked and think was cool and different to do. The phone call with other countries was funny do to some of my friends when they were talking, it sounded really weird. After a while of posting and writing to 500 words, we started knowing people from other parts of the world. Some of the people we met were from Canada, Virginia and others from Malaysia. We got to talk with them and get to know each other.

As soon Mr. hide told us that it was going to be our last post and we could start filming. I got really exited and entuthiasted. While filming the documentary with my partner and friend Isabella. We did have lot’s of fun. First trying not o laugh while filming. Second when we had that interview, we were a little scared. We had never done it before so it was our first time. Our laugh came out once and we felt very pathetic. The women we interviewed was really nice and she understood. Last, trying to see all we had filmed but we did had lot’s of problems with the CD not working and than sending it late do to all that problem.

In overall what I thought at first did value for what we did in the end. You always have to do hard work to get some fun time. I really think that the TLP was something totally different and a great experience.

Monday, March 26, 2007

What I felt...

Hearing the song, I felt in the middle of a forest running like searching for food and hiding from Indians that wanted to eat me. Also I felt mysterious, and sort of scared.
What comes to my mind after hearing a little more into the song is that I'm in a club at the 60’s dancing and the music comes from a man playing the piano.

I'm in a picnic at a farm with all my family having a delicious thanksgiving, eating turkey, and dancing with some friends having a great time. My parents are just there eating and remembering good times talking with my grandparents telling good stories from the past.
I feel very happy hearing that song and I feel like accelerated do to the rhythm of the song.
Also that song remembers me of a movie I saw in film that is called "Sense and Sensibility" in the part that they are at the party dancing and also when they get married.

What first comes to my mind is Lilo and Stitch in Hawaii in a bright night with a big and round moon at a hammock. They are thinking on Lilo’s parents and of what will be their new adventure. How they will rescue the new experiment, and how to get rid of the evil rabbit.
Also, I think of Hawaiians in the beach around a fire singing and eating fish at a party.
Another thing I think on, are Indians sort of praying or doing a ritual to their gods. The cause is that two persons will marry and they are doing a ceremony in which they have to pass through some stages and finally sing or dance that song with your engaged.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Poverty in Developed Countries

These is going to be our last post! It’s great because were going to start filming our documentary. I have some ideas of what my friend Isabella and I want to do and put to our documentary. You can click here to see them.

The normal policies of developed and developing countries is that they differ a lot. In developing countries they do not earn as much as in a developed country. Do to this, developed countries measure the income level of poverty by an average which is that poor people cannot afford the basic needs such as a house. For people with very low status in which they do not earn money, they become homeless because they can’t afford a house. Others that are in very extreme conditions live in substandard and sometimes in very dangerous houses. Many of the poor people in developed countries since they don’t have nothing else to do they start drugging themselves and drug dealing with other and selling them to earn something. Also they abuse of kids and do other crimes.

The United States has the most higher rate of poverty than other developed countries, for reasons only partly understood. A study of 16 nations was defined that poverty is earning below the middle of all. About the 19 percent of the United States lives in a degree of poverty. Rates between 10 to 15 percent were in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom. And the lowest percents were 5 to 8 in the western parts of Europe including France, Belgium, Italy, German, and The Netherlands, Scandinavian countries such as; Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Poverty rates in some developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, they have higher national minorities among each other. In many developed countries they tend to suffer form very high rates of poverty. In the United States many Native Americans live and work on economically reservations and experience high rates of alcoholism and joblessness. And in Australia, many Aboriginal people live in similar conditions.
Well in fact what I think about developed countries and poverty is that I thought that in developing countries was going to be more dangerous to walk at night in the streets but it isn’t. In developed countries there is more people begging for money. Do to wealthy people that have lot’s of money and beautiful houses. The poor ones are going to be jealous and since they can’t do other thing than steal they would rob the houses. Since the government is not helping them finding a job and poor people are not searching for one they country would still keep on being the same.

I have really learned about all types of poverty in developed, developing countries, causes and effects etc…

I’m so happy that finally we are going to film our documentary. I’m really anxious to see how it all ends as I have already told you, you can see our page and see that ideas we have posted and if you have comments please go ahead.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Poverty in Developinng Countries...

One of Colombia’s severe problems is poverty. 65% of the population is below the poverty line. Rural poverty is especially strict.

The poverty rate for rural dwellers in Colombia is estimated at 80%, of which 42% is considered extreme. Also, only 15% of rural dwellers have access to telephone services, 62% to potable water, and 32% to sewage treatment services. These conditions are exacerbated in rural areas by a 15% illiteracy rate. World Bank studies show that Colombia will require sustained economic growth of 4% through 2010 to reduce poverty to the levels recorded in 1995.

Developing countries
Developing nations have experienced severe problems with poverty. They can go to an extreme point in which can cause disease epidemics, starvation, and death. In some countries such as; Bangladesh, Ethiopia, North Korea, Somalia, and Sudan. People have starved and died do to famine. Around 1998 almost no one suffer this economic problem in which people earn than $1 a day!

Poverty affects everyone; children, women, elders, and people with disadvantages. In many nations women have very low privileges to work and they have low status. Women depend on men to support them, but still they don’t get enough.

Asian countries such as China, India, Korea, and Thailand have been widely accused of permitting or encouraging poor families to kill their female babies, a practice known as female infanticide. These countries are overpopulated, and their cultures promote the belief that men contribute more to economies and bring more wealth to their families than do women.

People who do not work such as; children, elders, and people with disadvantages. They all depend on their families or other support network for some necessary basic necessities. Still poor families or the neither the government of developing countries can support the nonworking people. Some poor children suffer those consequences.
Children have very weak systems, they can easily take diseases from extremely bad conditions. As a result the most poorest countries suffer of child disease and mortality. Children have low status and they suffer parental throw out and violence because for their parents they are not considered important.

What I think about poverty in developing countries, since what appears in my research. I totally agree with it. People do not work and they pretend that the government gives them work, but is also their problem because they don’t even try to look for one. That’s totally not responsible for adults, cause children can’t work, it’s a rule. In addition there are also families that depend on just one person to support them. If that one person looses his job the whole family would be poor just by not trying to look for a decent job.
I also think that normal people like me should start helping more with our country. If we see poor people in the streets begging for money we should try to help them. By just giving them a piece of bread and maybe take them to an orphanage their live will totally change.

What I will like to profoundest more my theme is poverty in developed countries and what is the difference between them. Also a topic that is bouncing in my head from one side to the other is how does the changing of president affect poor people and the way of life. And the difference it has on developed countries and developing countries. If I have time I will also would like to research about how does children or adults get to orphanages.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Poverty Causes and Effects

Poverty means: the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions

Since in Colombia we have lot’s of poverty I decided to make my post about the effects and causes it has on people. In Cartagena specially is one of Colombia’s most affected city by poverty. People are in the streets begging for money or just a single bread. In “El Pozón” which is the poorest village, there lives all the bad people from Cartagena. Is the most dangerous of all and almost no one goes there.

Some of the types of causes I found on Poverty in Google are:

Individual: Poverty is caused by individual circumstances do to characteristics of poor people.
•amount of education
•work orientation
•time horizon
•culture of poverty

Generic: Poverty is also caused by economy problems, such as:
•no jobs opportunities
•inadequate overall demand
•low national income

Effects on Poverty:
Poverty has extremely damaging effects. Many of the effects come from poor nutrition and physical health problems these result from having just a little of few resources. Infant Mortality varies a lot of poor are higher than average and life expectancies are lower than average. Other effects are; disease, metal illness, and drug dependence. Other effects that are very complicated and not really understandable are: studies link to crime, but that doesn’t means that all poor people are criminals or doing vandalism. Crime is not very common in Poverty (except in Cartagena, in here most of the effects are by being poor, they don’t have money so they steal things from other people and also do vandalism) what is most common in poverty in other places are hunger, no job, and that would lead to depression which sometimes can have influence in criminals behavior.

What I really think about poverty is no good for no one. First of all for us, we really don’t care about others people life, we only think of what we have and of who and what we want. If we see a little kid in the street asking for money the first thing that comes to our mind is that he is going to rob your purse or something like that. That may be true. In most of the cases they are just asking for bread and a home to sleep, since their parents have leave him alone given that they couldn’t take care of him do to money problems. What we could do about it? We can give him the piece of bread and also can take him to an orphanage. In fact, Miss Alba, my science teacher, has an orphanage for boys. She goes there like every 2 days in a week and she takes to them cake, coke, candy…etc. She told us one day that if we had some clothe to donate, and most of the boys of my class collaborated. In overall that is the best thing to do an orphanage and to take all the kids and also big people to come to it and can get some help.

I really love children, so what I would like to investigate more about on poverty is the causes children have.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bulimia Nervosa

What I am concerned about is Bulimia. A perfect definition for it is:

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where a person has a fear of becoming fat. People with bulimia binge-eat then make themselves sick and/or use laxatives to help themselves maintain their 'normal' weight.

Bulimia affects the most on teenage girls and women, men and boys usually don´t have these problem. The 90% most affected are females. They always want to have a hot body so they can go to the beach and the pool and not feel excluded from the club. That is really sad because no one is happy with what they have. We always want more and more.
While searching on the pages Mr. Hide gave us, I looked in BBC News and I found a very interesting treatment and all the effects bulimia has, and the damage it can cause to your body. Also there is a story about a twenty year old woman that she saw a page in which they were pressing her to be anorexic. She did what she had to do and became anorexic because of that, her name is Isabelle and she didn’t know that bulimia form part of eating disorder. You can also link to Lisette’s blog and see what really happened to the woman.
The symptoms of bulimia are when you see yourself in the mirror and you are steel skinny but you see yourself as a ball. Second, people do lots of exercise, diets, and even no eating!

What happens to your body:
• Dehydration
• Weakness, do to muscle wasting
• Hair growing (very thin) on your arms
• Irregular heart beat that can cause death

Diagnosis and Treatment
Anorexia is difficult to prevent because of developing unclear precisely how the conditions occur. Although there are some ways you can avoid anorexia. They are very risky; they are social press ion to be thin from your friends or club. Also low self-esteem and the most important step is recognizing that you have a problem.

What I think about bulimia is not good. The first thing that comes to my mind is people throwing up because they feel ashamed by their friends calling them fatty girl! I really think that is the worst thing in the world that people do that. If they want to look thin do diet, exercise, run, jump. Do wealthy things but not that stupid anorexia sickness.
What I like to do next with all of these is to try and search for some videos on internet of people that have pass through that. To investigate all the effects bulimia really has on anorexia. To see all the points that causes you to be anorexic or bulimic and some other explanation of how people get in to it and not do exercise or diet food or something like that? Also the main public bulimia has and why? And last but not least why women are more affected than men?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Long Distance Relationship

I met a girl be commenting on her blog and her name is Catrina. She studies in Mala. A very interesting issue I saw on her introduction was Long Distance Relationships with your best friends.

Another I guess you could call “issue” I’m finding interesting is

Long-distance relationships. But it’s a bit different, because it’s not with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s with friends who have moved away from you. Well there’s this one really confusing part to me, why is it that after a few months or years without talking to a really close friend, you have nothing to say to them and you can’t really relate to them anymore? People say, “it’s because you grew apart since you have nothing that you really know about them anymore.” Well sure, you don’t know what’s happened recently in your life, but you were best friends! You had to have something in common; something there is to talk about!
Sure, easier said than done, make new friends. But then you have no childhood friends that you still talk to, no friends that you’ve known since you were a child up till now, so you just have really close friends, you move away or they move away, and then you’re done! End ofrelationship. Yes you email, sure you send a few letters here and there, but what about seeing them at school and having a blast with them at the mall? So maybe you have to live in the same place as them so that you don’t grow apart.

Catrina I have passed through that. I have a friend called Mariana and we met
when we were in Pepe Grillo, we were the best friends in the world. All the days
I went to her house to play and have some fun together. We grew up until 4 grade
and she had to leave because her mom had a new job in Medellin. We all cried our
eyes until there was no other tear. I was so sad I didn’t want to go to school.
Some months later I was ok and Mariana was coming for vacations to Cartagena, we
passed all the time together going to parks and eating ice cream. That is our
live right now but we are not best friends anymore. We are just
friends, so when she comes for vacations or an important thing she has to do and we
don’t have anything to talk about; well we do have lot’s of things to share
to each other. If I’m going to tell her who is my crush I have to tell her
the long story of how I like him, that’s the problem, but is the only solution.

Another issue that comes right to my mind and I think is the world’s biggest
problem is poverty. I read on Vale’s blog and I totally agree with her, she
took all I had to write. So take a look to it and leave her comments she
would appreciate you a lot.

Bye! Hope you leave me comments!

Monday, January 15, 2007

:.:Technology, Poverty, & Health:.:

Hi! My name is Isabel and I’m thirteen years old and I´m in 7 grade. I live in Cartagena, Colombia. Jorge Washington or COJOWA is were I study.

My life is all about my friends and basketball, I have lots of them which I go out with. The Campito; a place were everyone goes to play soccer and eat pizza and later drink an Oreo milkshake, is the most popular place to go at Friday night.

Basketball is my favorite sport and I'm in the school team with all of my friends. Also in the afternoon we go and skate on the (Paseo Pea tonal), is a long walking street that is beside the ocean.

Living in Cartagena means that you love to go to the beach, surf , see cute guys, and have some fun dancing. Cartagena is the most beautiful city in Colombia. Has the Centro that it is all colonial of the time when the Spanish came and also the Murallas that are surrounding it.

Mr. Hide, which is my teacher, put us a project about teen life and he told us to pick three or four topics to talk about. My first one is about how all kind of technology is affecting the worlds health and jobs. New inventors are inventing new inventions so they are letting other people without work. When people don´t have a job and haven´t find one they don´t have nothing to eat, they get desesperated and start drugging themselves because they don’t have something else to do. All of these drugs affect them in their lungs and they can get to a point in which they die. This is all causing poverty and is because of our fault just wanting a better cell phone or a
more advance computer.

My second issue are orphans. They have also been a problem for everyone, they are begging in the streets because they don´t have a home nor a family. Their parent´s are also in the same role but by there self. They can´t eat because of no money in their pockets and last but not least some of them drug themselves and do vandalism in the walls.

And last but not least, my last issue is about the Environment. Which is being destroyed because of deforestation, that is causing great death to animals and some plants that live nearby. Also the deserts are increasing because of the cutting down trees to make more paper for schools and the wood is also used to make ships and chairs. The people is not realizing what really matters , if we don´t take care of our few trees many bad things would happen such as; less air to breath, less paper to use, and less chairs and ships to travel.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Normal Monday at School

At first we have English in computers. We work on blogger; Mr hide put us work to do on a web page we created. We get to inspired us and do creative writting. He tells us to do a free post in the one that we can invent whatever we want. Also a class post. Such as; "Respond to Maple Street's Monsters" and the one of commas.

When Engligh finishes we have rest. 10 minutes of sharing ideas and thoughts with our friends. We get to eat and also to socialize a little.
Later on the day we have Spanish, Miss Zualaga is a great teacher, we read one hour a book and the rest of the class we do some spelling words. We have a great time because we can elevate our minds into an awesome world of fantasy. We also learn how to use commas, capital letters, and in addition we also do some worksheets.

Recess!! What every student like best. We get to go to the cafeteria and have something to eat. We socialize with people from other grades, suach as; 8 grade and also 6 grade and the ones from the other class.

Later on we have math with Ms. Hall one of my best teachers. I love that class is like loud and fun. We learn a lot such as GCF, LCM, and comparing like fractions. The other day Ms. Hall put us a autobiography of math, whatt we think about math and some events we have had with it. I think that was awesome I express myself the way I feeled, I had a great time doing it.

Science with Ms. Alba, is a silent class, we all behave like angels. Her class is cool cause we get to laugh with her and pass some great time. We have learn so much that I have all skished in my head. We have learn about Plate Tectonics, The Solar System, and the Inner and Outer core of Earth. That is great!

The second recess is always shorter but the same as the first one. We socialize and eat.

The best class on Monday, P.E.! We get to do physics, play a lot, and have a great time together playing a game that we all love "Instead me", is soccer. All the classes we play some games at first and do physics and then play soccer. I always go with Isabella to play basquetball in the other court cause we don´t like it.

Thats all a Monday... Isn´t awesome and short! We only have 5 classes!

Monday, October 30, 2006

(((Monsters Are Due on Mapple Street)))

At last, Rod Serling is trying to say that not all what causes dead are bombs, explosions, and fallout. Humans are danger in their own mind; they can kill each other by, thoughts, attitudes, and prejudices. ”For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own for the children…the children yet unborn.” Said the Narrator. We are not the same, we are all different and we have different variations and everyone is unique. “Their world is full of Mapple Streets.” Said the Narrator. What he wanted to say was that we are all the same as them; we fight, discuss, and kill each other. The narrator tries to say that we are all the same but in different aspects. “You know really…this is for laughs. You know what I’m guilty of? I’m of insomnia. Now what’s the penalty for insomnia? Did you hear what I said? I said it was insomnia! I said it was insomnia! You fools. You scared, frightened rabbits, you. You’re sick people, do you know that? You’re sick people all of you! And you don’t even know what your starting because let me tell you…let me tell you, this thing you’re starting, that should frightened you. As god is my witness…you’re letting something begin here that’s a nightmare!” Said Les Goodman. Do you really think he was good? Well sure he was, he was advising us to be careful to what we say.

I think the message is beautiful, the narrator tries to convince us of the message he says. I assent with all what Rod Serling is saying. I totally agree with it. One of the things he says is,"Humans are danger in their own mind; they can kill each other by, thoughts, attitudes,and prejudices.

What I think that the play would change is the technology. For a better audience now instead of being on Mapple Street I would do it at New York in the Twin Towers in the 35 floor, late at night working for presentation they have for tomorrow. Nothing on the building would work because there has been a flash out. The people that was traped couldn´t do anything cause they couldn´t see and neither finish the presentation. All computers failed, cell phones won´t work, and the elevator is stuck. Is to high to go down from the strairs and they wouldn´t see a thing. sincerely I would be crying, I won´t have nothing to eat, and couldn´t see nothing! That would be a disaster. A littel boy that went to work with her mommy said that waht cause all os these would be aliens. Tommy had seen the something on his laptop and on the t.v. that aliens were attacking!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rough Draft of Short Story

Bam! Bum! Boom!-Fire works were crashing in the air at midnight, on New Years Eve at the Appalachian Mountains.“They look awesome! Don’t you think Michael?” I said to my brother.

“Oh, is so colorful!” Both of them, the two sisters shouted at the same time, Emily and Susan. My best friends.

“Yes the sky looks great!” said Michael to me but trying not to say it directly to Emily he wanted her will hear him.

“Bow wow”, barked Max, Emily’s and Susan new golden retriever. He was scared of all the noise and laughter.

“Hey do you want to go and ride some snow boarding?” I said.

“Ok let´s go!” the whole group said.

We were all snow boarding together and doing a race. Suddenly Michael says; “Look at Max he is running away!”

We all took four snow mobiles to go faster; we couldn’t catch him, he went to fast.“Now what are we going to do, we are tired and with nothing to eat we will die!” said Susan desperate.

“Don’t worry everything will be ok,” said Michael trying to convince Susan.

While we were on the search we got stuck on the ice. We were all hungry, cold, and desperate because we haven´t find Max. “Where are you Max? Why don’t you come out?” said Emily with a tired voice.

“We all have to calm down we will find him; I know we can do it.” I said.

“Are you sure? I’m freezing out here and we don’t have a clue of were Max could be,” said Susan.

The snow mobiles were still under the snow and we couldn’t get them out. We were lost! “I’m afraid we have to go walking from now and on,” said Michael.

We hurried up because we were very cold, our families didn’t know that we were here in the middle of the snow freezing and we had to find Max! After a while of walking we haven’t found him. We were getting frustrated. “Hey lets do something, why don’t we separate and we will go faster.” I said.

“Great idea! Emily and me will go together and Susan and you,” said Michael.

“Ok let’s do it! The team that finds Max first has to find the others so they could stop searching.” I said.

“But what if we can’t find the others?” said Emily.

“Sooo…Let’s don’t do that. We meet at this lake in 20 minutes if none of us found it we will require help.” said Susan.
“Let’s do it!” all.

Susan and I haven’t found Max and 10 minutes have already pass. We were scared and also worried. We didn’t know if Michael and Emily have found him. “What are we going to do? My poor Max is freezing in the woods and we haven’t found him. I’m’ a bad mother!” said Susan.

“Don’t worry we will find him, trust on me Susan.” I said.

Emily and Michael were the same of us. They haven’t found anything similar to Max, either an animal. Suddenly a strange noise came from the woods. Was a very shy one, like if it was scared. Like if there was a dog whimpering to find his owner. “Michael can you hear the strange noise?” said Emily.

“Yes, yes I hear it! It is Max!” said Michael happily.

“We can both hear it but we can’t see it,” said Emily. “

“Let’s go in this direction and see if there is Max,”said Michael.

Susan and I were trying to find a clue and finally we see Emily and Michael left of us.“Ahhhh..!”We all shouted.

“Uff! That was a scary one,” said Susan.

“Have you found Max?” I said.

“No, but we heard something whimpering,” said Emily.”

“Oh yes I hear it!” I said.

“Let’s go! I think is this way, come on!” said Susan.

Finally we see Max. “Hey there is Max! Below the tree!” said Emily.

“Yes, I can see it, said Susan, “the only problem is that is on the other side of the lake.”

“Ok I will go,” said Michael.

“Carefully!” all the three of us shouted neourvously.

Five minutes later Michael comes back with Max. They were both shaking because of the cold night. "Take my sweater Michael." I said. Susan and Emily were satisfied because her little dog Max was safe. They rap him on her jacket.

Finally we all went back walking and hungry. We were very tired and exhausted. When we got there our parents were waiting for us. We told them all what had happened, they believed in us and gave us a huge blanket to cover with. We drink some coffee and eat some marshmallows. “We have to do it again,” I said.

“Off Corss, it was great!” said Susan worried to do it again but anxious.

“Ok, I will do it again, would you Michael?” said Emily.

“All right!” said Michael.

“Why don’t we do it again, tomorrow, in the morning, we go outside and have some fun, searching for new adventures,” I said.

“Bow wow,” barked Max.

“Ja, Ja, Ja,” we all laughed.

Monday, October 09, 2006

[[*My Friends*]]

I have lots of friends, but ten of them are the most important to me. They are: Valeria, Valentina, Isabella, Margui, Ana Caro, Mariana, Lisette, Suad, Victoria and Catalina. Some of us have been together since Pepe Grillo, they are Suad, Catalina, Isabella, Ana caro, Victoria and me. Others have met since third grade, four years ago. This ones are Valeria, or in six grade Mariana. We are all best friends for ever (BF4E).

All of us have things we do great in. Some have the same but they do it differently. Suad and Margui act really funny. Valentina and Valeria play a lot of soccer. Isabella and Lisette love basket. Mariana and Catalina love to party. Dancing is there pasion. Victoria is more in her way she does every thing different to everyone. Ana caro is always worried to see how the fashion is going. We are all different, but all the same in different ways. Each of us love all what we do the best.

Sometimes we have unforgetable and great experiences together. Some examples are the Fashion shows we did when we were in third grade. Second, when Cata lived on her old house. That was awesome! We allways went to the park and had picnics. Third when Mariana an old friend of mine went to Medellin to live. That was terrible we all cried and we were disapointed. In the Convivencia we made our group more united and we helped each other in different ways. The bad girls in first grade was a great but kind of sneaky experience. When we all danced Grease at a carnaval with the boys. It was wonderful almost all the days we went to practice to Mariana´s house. It was awesome! Another great experience was when we were cheerleaders! It was great, we made pyramids, cheers and dances, that was the best of all! All this great moments would not be done without the presence of my friends, I love them!

All of those great moments we have passed together have been unique in our lives. They will allways remain in our hearts and we will never forget them. My friends are the best!

"Friends are like rainbows, they brighten your life after you've been through a storm."

{A Terrible Holiday}

Almost a week ago, I went to my Grandmothers house "Lola". She, lives in Arizona.When I have to go to her house,(1)I have to go by air plane, by car, or by train. These time I had to go by car with my mom and we almost didn't got there. The car was falling apart. We had to spend a night in a hotel. It was disgusting. (2.)The bathroom was below a stair, the room didn't had air conditioner, and the bed was very uncomfortable. Finally we got there. When I enter the house, there were a bunch of animals. (3.)In the house, were twenty cats, two parrots, an aquarium, and one snake. Can you imagine all the cats trying to eat the fishes? That was a disaster! I allways have to clean up the poop of each of them.

(4.) While I was waiting for dinner, I was reading a book, combing my hair, and looking at the fishes.

(5.) Lola is a homemade. She, cleans the house, she bakes, she sows and takes care of her animals. I couldn´t do anything.Either couldn´t watch T.V., the only thing I did was to read or help her with the house.What I liked about going to Lolas house is that her neighbor is a friend of my.I go and pass some time with her. We talked about cute guys and played cards and see T.V.

(6.)The next morning, I had to wake up at 5:00 A.M, Lola and I were going to do some exercise. When we got back I was exausted.(7.)I went up stairs to take a bath, the water was freezing!

(8.)Yes, I finally get out of the house my mom was waiting outside for me. All the animals were trying to pull me and not letting me jump into to the car. At least I got home on time to finish my homework.

1.series of phrases
2.introductory of prepositional phrase
3.series of objects
4.series of modifiers
5.introductory of participial phrase
6.introductory of independent clauses
7.introductory of adverb clause
8.introductory of yes, no and intejections

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last day with Ms. Cota...

Ms. Cota was leaving to Arizona. We were very sad we didn’t wanted her to go and leave us alone. The girls decided to do good bye meal . We went to crepes, obviously we were all going to cry but it didn’t matter. We ate and passed a great time. Ms Cota had to leave the next day in the morning. We didn’t had option to try to convinced her about staying, it was already decided. When she was going, in the middle of crepes we started crying. Ms cotta was also sad, she didn’t cry but her eyes were full of tears. Finally she went. She was going to get her hair done in “Diego Moya” with Mss Alba because they were having a party tonight. We were all desilutionated. We went to Mc Donald ´s to eat some ice cream and pass the sadness. We all decided that we could spend more time with her and that we can give her another present. We buy her a picture of Cartagena that the street venders sell. Later we went to “Diego Moya and surprised her with that. She almost felt from the chair when she saw us. She was really happy.

Finally we all finish separated she went to Arizona and we stayed here. We told her to send us mails and e we send her back to see how our live are going. We still keep on doing that. Several days I talked to her and she told me that. “Hi girls! How are you? I hope school is going well for you! I'm sure it is because you are all so smart! Things here in Arizona have been really good. I'm teaching 3rd grade but I am realizing more and more that I need to be with the older grades like 6th or 7th maybe next year I will change. But for now its good. My University classes are keeping me busy but I am learning so much and new teaching ideas that I wish I could show you! We are having Fall break right now for 2 weeks and we go back October 16th so I am enjoying the days off relaxing and sleeping. I went to Washington DC last week to visit my friend Jennifer who I have been friends with for 16 years. It was so much fun and we saw the monuments and White House. Anyway keep in touch when you can. I think in you often and I do miss you all.

Monday, October 02, 2006

*$Bad Girls$*

When I have a problem I try to put on the other persons shoe to see how he feels about it. Sometimes when I try to solve a problem I have some bad habits. I don’t really care about it and I let it pass and I don’t solve I till that person says to me “I´m sorry”. When I’m under pressure some strategies that I have is that I count to ten and I relax to see what have happened. When I have time to reflex I´m calmly and I get to think better.

In first grade Suad, Mariana Beetar, Margui and me were the "bad girls". The four of us tried to be the worst girls of the school. We did bad things such as; put paper in the toilet until it doesn’t flush, hide my other friends back pack, and we also through paper air planes when the teacher wasn't looking. We were so bad that our friends were scared of us.

One day we wanted to take someone’s wallet. We haven't done anything, that day we were like angels. Until Margui say that we can take the wallet of a second grader girl. All of us say yes immediately!

We were trying to do a plan to distract her put she saw us, we ran to her and take it from her hands we started tising her. Finally she went to Ms. Miriam’s office and she say that we have hit her and we tell her bad words. (All of that wasn't true, she was only inventing so they would punish us). We felt really bad we didn't know what to do. We hide in the bathroom until they found us. We were all scared because we have never been to Ms. Miriam’s office and we said that she was an old lady working in school. She told us that tomorrow we had a meeting and we were going to talk about the problem.

I was so scared because I was going to be punish and in my house I was like an angel. I didn't wanted to come the next day to school because then they would tell me that I can’t do that things anymore and I thought maybe one snake will bite me. Mariana was the one of the idea so she was feeling horrible because she thought they will only blame her. Suad wasn't so scared but she thought a shark would be in front of her. Margui said that nothing bad will happened but in the inside she was so frightened like all of us. We all started blaming each other, and crying, and saying that wasn't her fault that was the fault of another. We passed all the day like that but we didn't know how the other day would be.

When the three of them went to the principals office they were shaking, they were scared, and trying to get rid of the conversation. They started talking and discussing about what have happened. That day I didn’t went so they put all the fault on me. They say that I was the one of the idea and that I have planed all. They solve the problem and they say it was only my fault and that I had to be in detention from 2:30-3:30.

When I came back to school the other day Mariana told me that I had to stay today because it was my fault. Margui told me that because of my fault she had got punish. Suad didn't even tell me a word she was to furious. The rest of the day I felt really guilty but I felt that I haven't done anything wrong by myself. I knew that I had to stay, so I went to my punishment and talked with Ms Miriam. I told her all the truth from beginning to end. She punish the four of us but we learn a lesson . "Never ever be a bad girl".

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

¡*Juli's B-day*! or "Broken Arm"?

At my cousins birth day, Juliana in the Naval Club eating pizza, something really bad happened to me.

We were skating at the Naval Club at 7:00 P.M.Chasing each other and playing around, we were having a great time. We played hide and seek. In one of the games I felt like a dozen times. My bout hurt a lot.Angelo was in the bicicle and Susi and me were holding from the back. Susi and I were in skates so was really cool because we dind´t have to ride by ourselfes but in here we only hang from Angelo's back.

All of us went like in a sort of trip. We went to see the construction of the new pool. We had to clim a sort of mountain,when we were coming back there was a hole with sand and rocks, I jumped and I felt over my hand. I went running to where my family was eating and they put me ice.

I was so scared that I didn't wanted to go to the hospital. I went back to my house and my mom gave me a medicine.

The next day in the morning my arm really hurt. I told my mom to take me to the hospital because I almost didn't feel my arm. We went to the hospitalñ and thay took me a radiography. Off corss I had my arm broke. They had to put a thing so I could't move the arm.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogger have been very different to what I expected. I thought we were going to post what ever we wanted to and would be like are own page. We could download games , post all the photos I would want and write about whatever happens in the world. It's really different. We have to do lot's of work such as; Post blogs for the weekend about what Mr. Hide says us. Do more than tree comments and a free post.I think is cool but kind of exhausting.

Doing a post is really easy. You only have to go to the link "create" and start writting. If you want to put some pictures just go to Google search for the one you want and then press on a little button with a picture and there you have a beautiful photo. The one I found hardest is when you have to do a link so you can go directly into the page youre saying. At the beggining was kind of difficult but then I started using it a lot so it became much more easier.

These experience have been wonderful. You get to know people on internet, know about they think and about what they write. The part I don't like about Blogger is that you have sort of rules, that are, no changing the font of the letter and little things like that.

I think Blogger is a really intersting thing to do. You get to know more people.Have your own page to post, some of your photos and write about what you want. I think is really cool.

Monday, September 18, 2006

~*Martin's Isalnd*~

Last week I went to Martin's island, it was great! We rode donut, ski, swim with the dolphins and with the sharks.

When we were riding donut Martin was the one who was driving the boat, so he went really fast! I was in the donut with Naty Mallarino. We were flying! Martin always got the waves and he was going really fast, we were on the air and in one of those I was only grabbing with one hand and my pants started to fall and I had to go down because then I will be naked!

Then my brother Juan Miguel was riding ski. It was very funny because he started opening his legs and then he closing them. We all rode ski except my little sister and me because we didn't know how to.

In the morning we went to swim with the dolphins. It was awesome! There were three, Estefani, Susan and Tursi. Tursi was the boy and the other were girls. We rode on the dolfins and was great. But then everyting started to change. Tursi was chasing me trying to bite me. He was furious because one of the girls was going to have a baby. Also he started chasing Martin and then he pushed my brother.

At noon we went to swim with the sharks, it was relly spooky. Daniel also was there, we saw the shark eat a huge piece of a fish head. Everyone was shaking.

The other day we were doing a sort of balancing or malabarism. There was a net that separate dolphins from the sharks with a piece of wood. We were passing from side to side without falling
because if you felt to one side there were the sharks that wouldn't do you nothing, but to the other was tursi and the other two dolfins. It was kind of difficult to do it, but was really fun.

We came on Monday in the morning for school, we were late but they didn't punish us.

<...No Retell of 3 Skeleton Key...>

When the fireboat came to help them. It reminds me of a program I saw the other day in Discovery Channel that is called “I survived”. It talks about people that have survived really horrible experiences. Four guys were in the middle of the ocean in the middle of a storm and then one of the guys went for help. He goes to the shore and finds people with a boat and asks them if they can help and off corss they do it and they get saved.
Is kind of the same because both of them were in danger and were in the ocean. I think is kind of similar. Have you ever had such an experience? Hopefully not.

Another part that I love about the story is when all the rats get into the island and start going up the lighthouse. When I think in that moment it reminds me of the "Pied Piper of Hamelin" because of all the rats. I love that story because I think rats are cute. Aren't they?

I think the story was great!! It has a little of suspense, and is kind of real but is fake. The only thing that I didn't like was the part at the end that one of them die and the other goes to France, but the other stayed working there.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cheetah girls 2!!!

Haven't you seen the new movie "Cheeta Girls 2"? You better see it now before the pop comes and drives you crazy!!

This time the girls go over to Barcelona, Spain in an exotic city.

The new adventure includes entering the Barcelona Music Festival,
encountering a Marisol, a Spanish teen pop diva, falling in love, and maybe even
breaking up The Cheetah Girls!

I think that is a great movie you better see it right now!!!